About Moonrakers: a One Twenty Six Lounge

About Moonrakers: a One Twenty Six Lounge

Nestled above the main restaurant is Moonrakers, the One Twenty Six lounge, where you can enjoy both our regular menu and a unique selection of Lounge specials. Cozy and comfortable, Moonrakers is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite One Twenty Six fare in a casual setting. Like all One Twenty Six restaurants, our lounge brings you only the best: decadent, house-ground burgers, freshly baked house-made bread, sizzling samosas and more.  Whether you’re looking for a casual sit-down meal or you’d  like to relax with a glass of wine, Moonrakers is the place to be.


Decadent omlette

Mexicano special tacos at Moonrakers

Salmon tartine at Moonrakers

Scottish salmon at One Twenty Six