About Moonrakers: a One Twenty Six Lounge

About Moonrakers: a One Twenty Six Lounge

Nestled above One Twenty Six, our cool and casual pub Moonrakers brings you a range of fresh, house-made, and delicious American classics.  Our sandwiches are made with bread we bake in-house every morning, and we make our own delicious fries and potato chips daily.

Moonrakers boasts the best burgers in Iowa City–and it’s no wonder.  We craft each burger with the finest vegetarian fed beef.  Our melt-in-your mouth buns come fresh out of our ovens.  And when you add the perfect burger to the perfect bun, magic happens.

We believe that great food doesn’t need to be complicated–sometimes the simplest things are the most delicious.  So whether you’re in the mood for a burger or a beer, a sit-down meal or just a relaxing glass of wine, Moonrakers is the place to be.


Mexicano special tacos at Moonrakers

Salmon tartine at Moonrakers

Scottish salmon at One Twenty Six