Wine is one of our passions!

We believe that wine is an intricate part of any meal and truly enhances the dining experience. Over the years we have traveled to wine regions in the US, Italy and France to bring back our favorites from small traditional wine makers. For us a good wine must represent the place where the wine is made and be a true expression of the terroir.

Our wine list took numerous years to assemble, and will always be a work in progress. Every wine on our wine list has been carefully selected to truly represent the region it belongs. We also treat each bottle of wine with the utmost care – every bottle of wine is stored in one of our two on-premise temperature controlled cellars, our wines by the glass are preserved, and always served at the optimum temperature. Most of the wines on our wine list are difficult to find, and are simply amazing wines.

We hope that your next wine experience at One Twenty Six or Hearth will open a window to a new and untraveled region of the world!